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Composite Ver.Ka Exbein, Super Robot Wars Original Generation

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Item Size: 24cm X 24cm X 7.5cm

Availability: Out of stock

Regular Price: $65.00

Special Price $29.00


Release Date: 4/2011

Additional Information

Manufacturer Bandai
SKU BAN167006
Weight 0.5000
Character/Theme No
Series Composite Ver.Ka
UPC 4543112670069
  1. A well-made product review by Johnathan Storm on 1/27/2014

    Well, let us begin. First off, the box this figure comes in is very nice, with a large clear window on the front showing of the goodness inside. The interior plastic inside holding all the pieces in place is multi-layered, 4 layers to be exact, and keeps the figure and all the other pieces held safely in place. The figure has a semi-gloss finish to it's paintjob, and while there is minute paint bleed at some places, it isn't noticeable unless you closely scrutinize the figure. All the joints are fairly stiff; you can pose it very well. The accessories include multiple hands for each arm, a blades-out chakram for the chakram shooter(a blades-in version is already in the shooter) two beam sabers(with detachable blades) a rifle, a Fang Slasher, that you can have in the extended or closed position and a positron cannon that can be held in either hand with a little bit of modification to the plastic pieces(it's rather easy). It also comes with a jet pack that has a lot of detail to it, and has various wings that are adjustable.
    There is a stand that comes with this figure. This stand looks a lot like the Gundam FIXX Figuration figure stands, in that it has the name of the PT and the designation, plus where it was made. That's pretty cool. What's not cool is the plastic stand piece that comes with it to affix the figure to the stand. it's basicly a plastic rod, with a adjustable post on it. It's not very easy to make the figure stand the way you want to with it attached. I think in Japan this would be used because of maybe the tremors they get a lot over there, but here in Texas it's not a problem, so I decided not to use the post, and just placed the figure on the stand... It stood there firmly, looking all baddass looking. Overall, I really really like this figure. I will be looking to see if there are other SRW OG figures made by these people; a Gespenst would be nice, and the Altesian or one of the Grunasts would be AWESOME to have! Of course, I wouldn't mind also having the Huckebein Marks I, II and III as well!

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