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EX Gokin, UFO Robot Grendizer (Dizer + Double Spazer)

Quick Overview

Art Storm proudly presents Grendizer from their EX Gokin lineup.

Designed to be massive and sharp looking, the figure consists of numerous diecast parts.

The hand crusher is poseable and can be rotated to re-create Screw Pressure Punch in action.

Features an accessible and removable front panel to reveal the internal unit of the robot, it also comes with a clear type chest part to reproduce the Anti Gravity Storm attack.

Grendizer is equipped with Double Harken, which can be rearranged as 2 individual harken, as an original spear or boomerang..

The Double Spazer has poseable wings and nose, and can be mounted to Grendizer to form the Combination Cross.

Grendizer stands approx. 26.5cm tall.